Trout Creek, Ontario - January 2, 2018

We enjoyed many great years in Orillia.  However, I have decided to work towards completion of a degree in the North Bay area.  To that end, InnovaTAX now operates in Trout Creek, Ontario.  That being said, we will continue to service our valued clients in Orillia and area, and in may other communities across Canada.  Our contact information is below:

93 Glen Roberts Drive, Unit A
P.O. Box 315
Trout Creek, ON  P0H 2L0

Tel.: (705) 812 - 0361
Fax: (705) 242 - 1068

General Inquiries:

John R. Middleton, CD, PCP
Proprietor & Tax Consultant

Orillia, Ontario - January 3, 2017

Effective January 1, 2017, our personal (T1) income tax fees have changed.  While we have retained our maximum basic fee of $69.99, some changes have been made to the fee structure.  Changes have been made to the Loyalty rate factors to allow greater fee reductions over fewer years.  Also, a new rate factor, Paperless Filer, has been added, which allows the client further savings by accepting a .pdf file in place of paper documents.  This also allows the client and InnovaTAX to reduce their carbon footprint.

For more details, please view our rate plans.

John R. Middleton, CD, PCP
Proprietor & Tax Consultant

Orillia, Ontario - December 24, 2016

We at InnovaTAX would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  It is our sincere hope that 2017 brings you great joy.  We would also like to thank our clients for their business and look forward to doing business with them in 2017.

John R. Middleton, CD, PCP
Proprietor & Tax Consultant

Orillia, Ontario - December 3, 2016

We have been in business for over three years now and appreciate the business we have earned. We have kept our fees at the same levels since InnovaTAX was established, as we understand that our clients deserve good value, courteous and professional customer service and reliable and accurate provision of income tax, bookkeeping, data management and consulting services.

As the cost of doing business has increased during that time, it is necessary to implement a fee change which will come into effect on January 1, 2017.  As well compensating for increased costs, additional revenues will also be used for to expand our services and also to hire and train more staff.  Our objective is to coninuously provide you with service that is second to none and to coninuously meet your changing needs.


If customers exercise our prepaid deposit feature by December 31, 2016, they will not be subject to the new rates when they file their 2016 taxes.  In order to use this feature, they must:

a)  Become a customer by the above deadline (new customers only); and
b)  pay a deposit in the amount of $20 plus HST ($22.60) by the above deadline (existing and new customers).


By exercising this feature, your fees will be $2.00 lower, as you will qualify under the prepaid deposit schedule in each of our rate plans.  Also, you will be given priority service when you file your taxes, as you paid in advance.

While this option is usually only offered until September 30th, it is being extended to December 31st as a convenience to our valued customers, due to this planned rate change.  If this option interests you, please feel free to explore our rate plans here.  Within the rate plan that you qualify for, refer to the 'Prepaid Deposit' and any other ratings that you qualify for and then follow that row to the appropriate 'Returning Customer' rating column for the basic fee.  For example, if you qualify for the General rate plan and are exercising the Prepaid Deposit rating, are a Royal Canadian Legion member and you are a 2nd year customer, your basic fee not including HST, will be $64.49, instead of $69.99.  This means that you would pay $22.60 by December 31, 2016, and upon filing your taxes, you would pay $50.27.

This and other ratings only apply to the basic fee.  Depending on the amount of tax source documents, such as T4s, T4As, T5s, rent and medical receipts, etc., their may be additional fees.  They are noted at the bottom of each Rate Plan.  Unlike other income tax service providers, we DO NOT charge a fee for E-filing.


Even if the prepaid deposit feature is not exercised, existing clients benefit from fee increase protection, which phases the increase in over two years, instead of all at once.  In order to qualify for Fee Increase Protection, you must have filed taxes in the preceeding tax year.

John R. Middleton, CD, PCP
Proprietor & Tax Consultant