Instead of servicing customers through franchised offices, we provide service through our Customer Service Centre in Orillia, Ontario and through other offices and agents.  Our employees and agents will work with customers to determine their needs, collect required documents and obtain signatures, and then assign the customers' return to one of our tax professionals.  We will provide the customer accurate service and will maximize refunds or minimize amounts due, by agressively pursuing all tax credits and deductions, customized to the customer's particular tax situation, not via a customer-in, customer-out or cookie-cutter process.

We offer some of the most cost-effective services in the business.  See our rate plans here.  Our competitors either do not publish their fees, have fees that increase as tax time approaches or charge fees for services such as E-File.  Our fees are competitive, constant and are not hidden... what you see is what you get.

Other companies conduct business through a network of franchised offices.  In many such cases, standards may differ from office to office.  Our tax professionals are employees of the Company and operate under one set of stringent standards and receive the same training.  They are also accountable to the Company for their performance and conduct.


Whether you are employed, unemployed, self-employed, retired or are a student or a landlord, we can help you.  We offer a full range of income tax services.


Whether you are moving across Ontario or Canada, or don't live close to one of our offices, we will provide our services through a combination of online services, agents and offices. 
In either situation, the first step is to call our office.  From there, your identity will be confirmed by an employee or through an agent, who will then obtain signatures and the required forms and tax documents from you.


After a customer's income tax return is processed by one of our tax professionals, it is then scrutinized by our quality control process before it is E-filed or paper filed to the CRA.  It is better to avoid errors in the first place.


We guarantee that any returns that we file with the CRA will be 100% accuate.  In the event that we make an error, we will take steps to correct them free of charge.  Also, we will reimburse the customer for any penalties and interest that is assessed by the CRA.  However, this guarantee only applies when the customer has provided all documents to us before processing the return.


If our services interest you, please contact us.