Our rate plans were implemented in order to recognize the situations that various taxpayers are in. They were also designed to take into consideration the contributions of those taxpayers.  Within each rate plan, there are individual ratings that determine the fee that each client will pay.  Please select the rate plan that you are elibile for below for more details

It seems that money come in one hand and right out of the other.  We have designed this cost-effective rate plan for those who do not fit into any of the others.

Many people risk their lives in service to Canada and to help others.  This rate plan recognizes the contribution of members of the Canadian Armed Forces, police, fire, ambulance and other uniformed services.

Uniform Spouse
Spouses of those who serve in uniform should also be recognized for keeping the homefires burning and supporting the career choice of the uniformed member.
After working and contributing to society for countless years, you have earned your retirement.  We have a special rate plan just for you.

You have made your mark on Canadian society and have deserve respect for the contributions you have made.  For that reason, we have a plan just for you.
Being a student means many hours of studying and living on a limited budget.  We want to recognize all those who are making an effort to better their lives so they may make a contribution to Canadian society.

Times are tough and full-time employment can be hard to find.  This rate plan was designed keeping in mind those who face economic challenges every day.


Please click here to see the qualification criteria of the above rate plans.